Education Problems

Education, studies, knowledge is a must have to survive in today’s world. A child must gain good education and knowledge for bright future. But if a child is not studying well or don’t like it or is not good in it due to any reason then it’s a big reason to worry. Education cannot be compromised for any reason. Solve your child’s education related problems from Pandit Ji.

Solve Education Problems
Palmistry By Pandit Desraj


Palmistry (Hand Reading) is an art which can provide future predictions. It requires knowledge and experience to provide correct predictions. Pandit DesRaj Sharma is a horoscope specialist in jalandhar and trusted name in the field of Hand Reading.

Horoscope Reading (Kundli)

Horoscope Reading can provide future predictions about a person and help him or her to be prepared for the future life.Pandit DesRaj Sharma is a respected  horoscope specialist in jalandhar

Horoscope Reading
havan pooja

Havan And Poojas

Contact with Horoscope Specialist in Jalandhar, Ludhiana means Pandit DesRaj Sharma for Havan and the following Poojas and Jaaps : Gand mul pooja, Kartik pooja, Nav grah shanti Pooja, Maha Mritunjay Jaap Gayatri jaap, Kaal Sarap Yog Pooja, Manglik Dosh or Nivaran Pooja. Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja, Santan Sukh pooja, Grah Kalesh, Vivah me deri, Vastu shastra.

Match Making

Match making (Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching)is a must aspect before marriage. There is a Manglik Dosh which should be checked in the chart of boy and girl for successful marriage. Points shall match for happiness in life, more the points match more the happiness in the life of the couple. Contact Pandit DesRaj Sharma for best Match making and for the right and best dates for marriage.



At our centre, we also provide solutions to clients for Childless problems. Our astrologers try to figure out the problem by studying the horoscope of the lady having a problem and provide the solution accordingly. The astrologers make sure that the solution provided by them completely resolves the problem of our clients and they get the baby as soon as possible. In addition to this, we suggest client wear a gemstone as per her horoscope and also suggest them for doing some puja.

Divorce Case & Court Case

We are one of the accredited Astrologers engaged in providing solutions for Divorce Case & Court Case. Our Astrologers check the horoscopes of the clients and provide the appropriate solutions after doing all the astrological calculations. Various astrological practices can be used for checking these services are Vedic astrology, numerology, gemology, palmistry or others. All the astrologers first try to understand the exact problem faced by our clients and then try to provide the solution which can be easily done. In addition to this, we make sure that our solutions help our clients in resolving their problem with ease.

Divorse case court Case Solution

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