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About Pandit Ji

Pandit DesRaj Ji is specialist in Palm and Horoscope Reading. He deals in most areas of astrology and a skilled astrologer. Solutions are provided by him to almost all the issues including Family Issues, Childless, Instruction, Company, Enemy Issues, Husband - Wife Issues, Love, etc. He owes all his success and is an enthusiastic devotee of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga.

He could be readily available for consultation by private appointments in addition to Telephone. Private Consultations and telephone Consultations are done by previous appointments just. He's continuing his endeavour for development and research for effecting new means of giving precise forecasts to his customers and society generally in Astrology & Numerology.

He nails the occasions by using Transit system and Dasha. He's got since lots of folks do not know of the arrival data, complete command over rectification of chart data that will be a crucial feature for predictive astrology. This makes them the Best astrologer in Punjab, India.

Jyotish is considerably more than a divination system that is simple. It's a fantastic vidya (religious science), which can be deeply imbedded in a deep philosophy of life. The analysis of Jyotish, thus, necessitates a knowledge of Vedic doctrine, particularly the law of Karma, that is the underlying mechanics upon which rests.